Leading medical equipment life-cycle company

Since 2001, Centurion Service Group: A TRIMEDX Company, has grown to become an industry-leading medical equipment life-cycle company, inclusive of asset disposition, direct equipment sales, and strategic equipment advisory.

Healthcare facilities partner with Centurion to unlock and extend medical equipment value providing hassle-free, full-cycle, service-focused solutions. Centurion develops medical equipment liquidation strategies; to pick up, transport, warehouse, and sell surplus devices; and maximizes the value by converting surplus medical equipment into certified pre-owned equipment or essential services.

Centurion conducts surplus medical equipment auctions and provides complete medical equipment management for healthcare facilities, including certified appraisals, trade-in value verification, asset and facility inventories, relocations, and closures. Centurion Service Group is your partner in the capital equipment process.

Why choose Centurion?

Save time. Save money. Help maximize the value of important medical equipment.

Centurion Service Group is a one-stop-shop, connecting buyers and sellers to get market value for surplus medical equipment. We partner with hospitals and surgery centers to help sell used medical equipment through our auction houses reaching thousands of domestic and international buyers every year.

Partnering with Centurion frees up important financial resources that are currently locked up in unused equipment. Centurion returns trade credit for medical equipment; these advantages produce an outcome that reduces environmental harm by keeping equipment out of landfills. Whilst reducing environmental harm, Centurion makes it possible for affordable medical assets to become available for resale to communities around the world.

The Challenges You Face:

  • Medical equipment gathering dust in forgotten storage rooms 
  • Staff spending time and money trying to piecemeal off-hand equipment to small buyers
  • Prohibitively expensive new medical equipment
  • Resources and time spent trying to find quality used equipment at affordable prices 

The Value You Gain with Centurion:

  • Better control of asset value to free financial resources to improve patient care. A 300-bed hospital may see revenue of $150,000 or more per year from selling their surplus medical equipment.
  • Hassle-free, standardized, comprehensive equipment disposal—saving time and money. Advertising to 17,000 registered buyers, Centurion’s auction model allows for maximum value and rapid product flow.
  • The increased lifetime value of medical equipment and care for the environment. Resource-challenged hospitals across the world can obtain used medical equipment for as little as 5% of the original price by acquiring equipment from Centurion’s medical equipment sellers.
  • Reduced environmental harm by keeping equipment out of landfills, making important medical assets available for affordable resale to under-served communities the world over.

Our culture

Our motto says it all—and we take pride in who we are and how we operate. Our advanced team of appraisers, auctioneers, analysts, and field staff follow the Centurion 7 virtues:

Trust and Respect
Keep Composed
Embrace Change
Think Excellence

Our entire staff lives by these virtues each day, striving to be the best we can be for our sellers, buyers, and vendors. As partners, we want to ensure a strong relationship so we can create seamless buying and selling experiences for all.

Extend the lifetime value of medical equipment and make a positive impact

Environmentally Sustainable

Together, we can keep medical equipment in use and out of landfills, reducing environmental harm. Centurion and our partners kept 100,000+ pieces of medical equipment from ending up in landfills last year alone.

We are able to track and share with you how many pieces of equipment you have saved from a landfill and partner with you to announce our combined success because that is something worth celebrating.

Socially Responsible

Surplus equipment is affordably sold, often to under-served communities, introducing patients to care that may have been previously out of reach.

Centurion’s green mission statement

Our mission is to encourage the re-use of medical equipment from the United States throughout the world to promote better healthcare worldwide and a healthier environment for future generations.

How you can join our environmental efforts:

the amount of trash you discard by selling saleable surplus medical assets through our surplus medical auctions.

by reallocating your surplus assets among your departments and hospitals with our asset reallocation tool.

by selling all your saleable surplus medical equipment through our surplus medical auctions to those who will be reusing it throughout the world.