Largest Used Medical Equipment Auction House

Centurion Service Group has grown to become the largest used medical equipment auction house in the world, with 200,000-square-feet of warehouse space in Columbus, Chicago, Las Vegas, South Florida, and Dallas. Medical equipment buyers from around the world know to go to Centurion’s auctions for all their hospital equipment purchasing needs, including radiology, anesthesia, lab, exam, patient monitoring, cardiology, endoscopy, surgery, instrumentation, disposables, and much more. 

Why Choose Centurion?

Save time. Save money. Help maximize the value of important medical equipment.

Centurion Service Group is a one-stop-shop, connecting buyers and sellers to get fair market value for surplus medical equipment. We partner with hospitals and surgery centers to help them sell used medical equipment through our medical equipment auction houses that reach thousands of domestic and international buyers every year.

Partnering with Centurion frees up important financial resources that are currently locked up in unneeded equipment. Centurion returns trade credit or cash for medical equipment; these advantages produce an outcome that reduces environmental harm by keeping equipment out of landfills and making important medical assets available for affordable resale to communities around the world.

The Challenges You Face:

  • Medical equipment gathering dust in forgotten storage rooms 
  • Staff spending time and money trying to piecemeal off-hand equipment to small buyers
  • Prohibitively expensive new medical equipment
  • Resources and time spent trying to find quality used equipment at affordable prices 

The Value You Gain with Centurion:

  • Better control of asset value to free financial resources to improve patient care. A 300-bed hospital may see revenue of $150,000 or more per year from selling their surplus medical equipment.
  • Hassle-free, standardized, comprehensive equipment disposal saving time and money. Advertising to 17,000 registered buyers, Centurion’s auction model allows for maximum value and rapid product flow.
  • Increased lifetime value of medical equipment and care for the environment. Resource-challenged hospitals across the world can obtain functional used medical equipment for as little as 5% of the original price by acquiring equipment from Centurion’s 1,000 medical equipment sellers.

Our Auction Services

Along with live auctions, Centurion hosts timed auctions where buyers can bid 24/7 on high-valued medical equipment, such as installed radiology. Equipment sold by timed auction includes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, computed tomography (CT) machines, radiographic fluoroscopy systems, bone densitometers, linear accelerators, and much more.

Centurion Service Group also provides complete medical surplus management for healthcare facilities, including certified appraisals, trade-in value verification, asset and facility inventories, relocations, and closures. 

Who Are Our Sellers?

Centurion’s sellers are equipment manufacturers, hospitals, surgery centers, radiology centers, and other healthcare facilities in the United States. 

We assist these healthcare facilities with every phase of the equipment’s life cycle: auctioning surplus equipment for fair market value, hospital and other medical facility closures and consolidations, inventory services, equipment appraisal services, and assisting facilities in managing the reallocation of equipment within their hospital or hospital system. All the programs Centurion offers streamline the surplus process, minimizing the disruption to the hospital facility and maximizing the profit.