Our recruitment process

TRIMEDX companies are continuously looking for talent to join our team. Do you want to make a difference in the healthcare technology industry? We’re an industry-leading provider of clinical asset management solutions for health systems’ clinical engineering services across the U.S. 

We interview in both virtual and in-person environments when appropriate. In order to help you prepare for a virtual interview, we encourage you to review our  Virtual Interview Guide.


Notice: TRIMEDX recruiting, hiring, and other personnel-related authority is solely restricted to TRIMEDX Human Resources. Third-party agencies should only contact TRIMEDX Human Resources. Any direct third-party contact with TRIMEDX personnel is unauthorized unless pre- approved by Human Resources in writing. Only Human Resources is authorized to accept candidates, referrals, or otherwise. View our Applicant Privacy Notice.  

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Why join our team?

  • Our company and leaders are driven to inspire everyone to learn, develop the right skills, and grow their careers. Our success as a company is built from the success of our team!
  • We hold ourselves to high standards of excellence and continuous improvement. This mindset fuels innovation that can improve how medical technology helps patients.

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