Sustainable medical equipment management

Sustainable medical equipment management

How do our medical equipment auctions support environmental sustainability in the healthcare industry?

Affordable medical equipment resale can reduce environmental harm and keep equipment out of landfills by making important medical equipment available for auction. Annually, Centurion Service Group: A TRIMEDX Company and our partners kept 120,000+ pieces of medical equipment from ending up in landfills. 

Together, we can keep medical equipment in use and out of landfills, reducing environmental harm.  

Centurion Service Group tracks the volume of equipment that sellers and buyers save from landfills. We keep our partners up to date with this information, so they can celebrate the positive environmental impact to which they contribute. 


cubic feet of equipment kept out of landfills

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Centurion’s green mission statement

Our mission is to encourage the re-use of medical equipment from the United States throughout the world to promote better healthcare worldwide and a healthier environment for future generations.


How can you join our environmental efforts?

    Discard by selling eligible surplus medical assets through our surplus medical auctions.
    Reallocate your surplus assets among your departments and hospitals with our asset reallocation tool.
    Sell your eligible medical equipment through our surplus medical auctions to those who will be reusing it throughout the world.

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