Zimmer ATS 2000 Tourniquet


  • Systems can be used with ambient, batter backup
  • Tourniquet cuffs in regular, low pressure and disposable models
  • Touchpad switches for time & pressure controls are easy to set
  • LED displays are easy to read
  • Includes warning devices for patient protection
  • Unit reacts quickly to input changes
  • Features self calibration
  • Audible/Visual alarm
  • Accurate pressure readings can be taken from each cuff
  • Low profile cuffs stay in place without discomfort
  • Positive locking connectors clear of the surgical site
  • Visual/Adjustable alarms readily detect pressure variations
  • Unit can be mounted on IV Pole or placed on a table
  • Includes one hour batter back up


*All items are refurbished to meet or exceed original OEM specifications.

*All Pre-Owned/Refurbished items are subject to availability.

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