ValleyLab Force 2 Electrosurgical Unit

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  • High power digital ESU
  • High performance capabilities in a multipurpose generator
  • Includes a mono-polar foot pedal (Bi-polar foot pedal is optional)
  • Provides flexibility through varying degrees of homeostasis
  • Operator can choose one of three preset modes: simultaneous independent coagulation, low voltage coagulation and Valleylab REMâ„¢ safety, which substantially reduces the risk of patient burns at the return electrode site
  • Provides cutting and coagulation in mono-polar or bi-polar outputs
  • Features audible and visual alarms, including REM fault indicator, REM comes standard
  • Features blended cut modes providing flexibility through varying degrees of homeostasis and three preset modes
  • Simultaneous independent coagulation permits two surgeons to fulgurate from a single generator, for added convenience and efficiency
  • Features low voltage coagulation ensuring controlled, precise desiccation with less destruction of peripheral tissue, making the Force 2 generator ideal for laparoscopic procedures


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