Symbio Rhythm Simulator Module for Defibrillators

  • Brand new Symbio Rhythm Simulator Module with 3 Year OEM Warranty
  • Available in both 3 lead (CS301) or 12 lead (CS1201) configurations
  • Available with specialized connectors for use with:
    • Zoll
    • Physio Control
    • Philips
    • Welch Allyn
    • Marquette
  • Connect the defibrillation cables for safe defibrillation simulation with real defibrillators
  • 11 rhythms for defibrillator training
  • 6 rhythms for pacing
  • Capture during pacing
  • High capacity discharge load; you can shock according to protocol
  • Visual indicator of energy delivered of 50 joules or more
  • Defibrillate/Cardiovert into waiting rhythm
  • Color-coded ECG snaps


Easy to operate, the Symbio Rhythm Simulator comes in both 3-Lead and a 12-Lead versions that meet both your training and equipment testing needs. Symbio Corporation anticipates market needs in order to create Rhythm Simulators that reproduce basic and advanced emergency cardiac situations. These RoHS-compliant products and solutions are used daily by trainers and manufacturers around the globe. Fast. Portable. Reliable. Symbio.

Symbio Corp simulators are exactly what trainers, medical professionals and manufacturers need: portable, reliable solutions that provide relevant heart rhythms for ECG monitors, defibrillators and external pacemakers. Symbio offers an excellent EKG simulator to use for training on any AED, or any 3 lead monitor/defibrillator.  It includes key arrthymias to simulate various heart rhythms.  Connect the leads on the Symbio Rhythm Simulator and connect the defibrillation cables for safe defibrillation simulation with real devices.