Stryker 940 Cast Cutter and Cast Vacuum



Cast Cutter

• Two Speed Control:

   Standard Speed. Very quiet, yet powerful enough to remove most casts.

   High Speed. Increased speed for quickly removing even the thickest body jackets and hip spicas.

• Versatile: May be used with Vacuum or plugged directly into wall.

• Quick Change Blade Mount

• Quick Connect Vacuum Mount

• Impact Resistant Housing

• Traditional Ergonomic Design: Ensures comfort and control while cutting.

• Integral Vacuum Housing: Reduces overall size while improving balance and mobility.

• Efficient DC Motor: With speed feedback, unparalled power, less heat build up.

Cast Vacuum

• Detachable Canister Lid: Quick and easy emptying of dust collection filter.

• Tool Bracket: conveniently stores small cast spreader, scissors, screwdriver, and blade removal tool on back of stand.

• Five Wheel Mobile Stand: Provides stability and easy transportation.

• Easy to operate Three Way Power Switch

• Twelve Foot Cord 

• Swivel Hose Mount: Allows for easy movement of the 8ft. Vac Hose.

• Quiet Vacuum: Reduces noise level of the entire system.

• Handpiece Control: Vacuum automatically turns on when Cast Cutter is activated.


*All items are refurbished to meet or exceed original OEM specifications.

*All Pre-Owned/Refurbished items are subject to availability.

*Note: Use 800-522-5909 to contact us for availability, pricing, warranty or freight information.



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