Stryker 1088 HD Camera System

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  • Crystal-clear image quality
  • User friendly, rugged, aesthetically pleasing
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • 220 V or 110 V power rating for international usage
  • 5,900 lines of resolution or 780p for HD quality images.
  • Ability to send, share, and edit images on most digital devices
  • Networking capable via USB and Ethernet outputs
  • Longevity of the electronic components
  • Rugged durability
  • TRU digital imaging which means editing is a breeze 900 lines of resolution for a crystal clear image
  • Specialty settings allow subtle changes by procedure type
  • Longest lasting toughest most rugged camera on the market
  • Hi Definition (1280 x 1024) signal
  • HD platform (1088, X7000, SDC Pro HD)


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