Siemens Servo – I Ventilator

  • Completely Reconditioned with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Optional Compressor Available
  • Optional Patient Breathing Circuit and Test Lung available
  • Integrated Rolling Stand
  • Invasive or Non-Invasive Intubation
  • Non-Invasive Intubation has leakage compensation
  • Transportation capable


The Siemens Servo – I ventilator can satisfy the ventilation needs of every patient, from neonatal to adult. It can handle the most acute phases of respiratory distress through recovery to the weaning phase. It continuously delivers outstanding ventilator treatment as gently as possible, thanks to its ventilator performance, monitoring capabilities, treatment options and tools. Servo-I makes excellent ventilation quality available in practically all environments: from ICUs to NICUs, via intra-hospital transport to MR examinations and hyperbaric chambers. Allowing you to choose treatment options based on patient needs without having to worry about less or worse ventilatory capabilities, or having staff trained on different ventilators for each special application.

The Siemens Servo – I ventilator is a flexible ventilation platform and is available in three main configurations; Infant, Adult, and Universal. These main configurations for the Servo-I are equipped with a number of ventilation modes that are suitable for each patient category. Further ventilation modes can be installed via optional software upgrades.

The Siemens Servo – I ventilator combines a high level of clinical performance for invasive, non-invasive or neurally controlled ventilation with outstanding mobility and cost efficiency. It features all the modes you would expect from an advanced ventilation system in one adaptable platform. Three basic configurations are available: SERVO-i Infant, SERVO-i Adult and SERVO-i Universal for all patient categories. SERVO-i Infant and SERVO-i Adult can always be upgraded to SERVO-i Universal. Unique features and upgrades can be added as your needs change, ensuring dependable performance in the years to come and the best possible return on your investment.

Ventilation is accomplished via either Invasive or Non-Invasive Intubation. The Non-Intubation mode also features leakage compensation, and the Servo-I also has a transport mode. The Servo-I ventilator provides great value and flexibility for your ventilation needs.