Respironics Esprit Ventilator

  • Completely Reconditioned with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Includes Rolling Stand/Cart
  • Available with optional Patient Breathing Circuit and Test Lung
  • Pressure Support, Pressure Control Ventilation
  • Fully integrated microprocessor control for system control and monitoring
  • Pressure Control and Non-Invasive Ventilation Settings
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Touchscreen


The Respironics Esprit Ventilator combines sophisticated design with easy-to-use features. This microprocessor driven unit upgrades easily and offers a range of modes and breath types. These include: volume control, pressure control, and fully integrated noninvasive ventilation. Because the Esprit Ventilator has no need for wall air or compressors, and can be run on either AC power,  battery pack or an external battery, the Esprit’s’ mobility and versatility make it ideal for use in any setting, from hospital to sub-acute care facilities.

As a busy clinician, you will appreciate the Esprit’s design and it’s range of treatments modalities for all patient populations. This allows you to use the same ventilator for all patients to reduce training and the associated costs.

The Respironics Esprit Ventilator is designed to effectively deliver both invasive and noninvasive ventilation, so two separate vents are not needed for the patient. Esprit’s noninvasive mode is fully integrated into the ventilator and has specific alarms. It’s perfect for subacute care, yet it’s equally suitable for critical care. The Esprit is a blower/compressor ventilator, so it doesn’t require a high-pressure air source. It can be operated on AC power, a battery pack or an external battery, which adds portability and provided back-up power in the event of a power outage. Features include:

  • Pressure Support, Pressure Control Ventilation.
  • Fully integrated microprocessor control for system control and monitoring.
  • 100 cm H2O pressure capability and 200 liter per minute flow.
  • Risetime Control, on-board Auto-PEEP measurement and breath-by-breath oxygen mixing.
  • Pressure Control and Noninvasion Ventilation Settings.
  • Alarm and Status Indicators.
  • Pressure Bargraph/Breath Indicator.
  • On-board Systems Self-diagnostics.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Touchscreen.