Puritan Bennett 840 Respiratory Ventilator

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  • Responsive to patients and offers superior comfort, delivering sensitive, precise breaths to critically ill neonatal through adult patients
  • For use in providing neonate through adult patients with ventilatory support in the hospital environment
  • Technological Sophistication – With its high-performance pneumatics, dual-microprocessor electronics and DualView™ touchscreens
  • Upgradeable – The 840 Ventilator can be upgraded and customized with various software options to meet your clinical needs, today and in the future
  • Enhanced noninvasive ventilation (NIV) that improves comfort for patients and performance for clinicians. Designed for use on patients with a stable respiratory drive
  • Seamless Communications – The 840 Ventilator supports communication with all major patient monitoring and hospital information systems. It provides seamless electronic data transfer into a patient’s medical record
  • When used with Clinivision® Mobile Patient Charting software, the package provides clinicians the opportunity to practice evidence-based medicine


Software Options:

  • BiLevel® Software — Allows patients to breathe spontaneously at two levels of PEEP, for greater patient/ventilator synchrony
  • Ventilation Plus™ Software — A pressure control breath style with a guaranteed tidal volume
  • Tube Compensation Software — A spontaneous breath delivery enhancement that accurately overcomes the work of breathing through an artificial airway
  • NeoMode® Software — Allows the 840 Ventilator to ventilate patients as small as 500 grams without requiring a flow sensor at the patient’s airway


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