Leica M690 ENT Surgical Microscope

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Leica Optics:

  • Sharp Optical View
  • Terrific Depth of Focus
  • Red Reflex Enhancing Objective Lens
  • High Resolution, Internal, Motorized Focus and Zoom
  • 0-180 Degree Inclinable Binocular with 10 x 21 Widefield Eyepieces
  • 1:5 Magnification Ratio
  • Manual Override of Motorized Zoom
  • Variable Motorized Focus-50mm Range
  • Tiltable Joint for Varying Optical Angle


Leica MSC Floorstand:  

  • Stable, Movable Base
  • External Power Supply for Easy Repairs
  • Detachable Power Cord for Safety
  • Independent Speed Controls for Focus, Zoom & XY
  • Adjustable Spring Tension for Rotation of Arms
  • Locking Brakes to Secure or Level Base
  • Easy Maneuvering with Side Handles
  • Sturdy, Oversized Casters


Halogen Illuminator:

  • Two Bulb System for Immediate Back-up
  • Varying Rheostat for Illumination Levels
  • Reliable and Easy to Exchange Bulbs
  • Selector for 110V or 220V


XY Function:

  • Travel Range of 4″ x 4″
  • Automatic Centering Button
  • Motorized Movement Activated by Joystick on Foot Control


Foot Control:

  • Electronic Controls with Durable Cord
  • Smooth Pedals for Motorized Focus and Zoom
  • Movable Joystick for Motorized XY
  • Detachable Cord for Moving and Storage


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