Hill-Rom P1900 TotalCare Bed

  • Completely Reconditioned with 90 Days Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Includes Brand new Hospital-Grade Mattress
  • Locking Wheels (x4)
  • Brake pedal on both sides of bed
  • CPR Release – lowers head down from elevated position to a flat position
  • GCI Interface controls on sideboards
  • Manual and electric controls
  • Optional Scale System can weigh patient and keeps history of patient weights
  • Optional Bed Exit Alarm
  • Chair Position allows easy transition for recovering patients


The Hill-Rom® TotalCare Bed provides maximum comfort to patients in critical condition and greatly reduces stain to caregivers. Since its release, the TotalCare® bed system has enabled critical care nurses from around the world to deliver patient care when it is most critical. Throughout the years, proven performance has truly met continuous innovation as the TotalCare® bed continues to provide a consistent solution for both patients and their caregivers. Patients in the ICU have unique medical needs that can make your routine more challenging. By using products that allow you to do more on your own, you have the flexibility to give patients the treatment they need – whenever they need it.

This bed features both hydraulic and manual controls which the caregiver can easily transition the patient surface into numerous positions from either side using Point-Of-Care™ siderail controls and HandsFree™ foot controls. The hydraulic movements provide for smoother bed positioning for patients. The Hill-Rom TotalCare Bed offers many optional full interaction caregiver controls through a Graphical Control Interface (GCI) which operate optional functions such as bed exit alarm, integrated scale functions, foot elevation and air mattress system.

From lying in bed, to sitting upright, to standing up, it is important to have the right products in place to deliver care to your patients. To address these requirements, this bed offers three chair positions (chair, chair egress and recliner) and FlexAfoot™ retractable foot mechanism to extend or retract foot section.   Also, battery backup is available when there is a power loss to temporarily operate the bed positioning functions. Due to its versatility and ease of use in emergency situations, this bed is ideal for acute patient care, medical/surgical care, post anesthesia care, and certain emergency departments.

Whether you’re transporting patients or performing routine care, doing your job efficiently while also comfortably supporting your patient isn’t easy. Do more on your own with a range of features that help you turn, transport and reposition patients with a touch of a button — every step of the way. The TotalCare Bed is also an excellent choice for Educational customers that want to simulate the Emergency Room / Critical Care environment.


Due to ongoing issues with quality, Centurion Service Group recommends the Hill-Rom P3200 VersaCare Bed in lieu of the P1900 TotalCare.