Delfi Contour Lower Leg Tourniquets for Foot and Ankle Surgery

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  • Designed for use on tapered lower legs, for foot and ankle surgery
  • Shape adjustable cuff
  • Adjustable shape fits a wide range of lower leg shapes
  • Superior fit and comfort
  • Matching Limb Protection Sleeves help protect underlying skin and soft tissues
  • For lower legs of cylindrical shape, see Small Adult Tourniquets
  • Usage of Delfi Contour Lower Leg Tourniquets is supported by published surgical literature
  • Matching Limb Protection Sleeves – Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves matched to the Delfi Contour Lower Leg Tourniquet Cuff are designed to help protect the skin and soft tissue from pinching and bruising
  • Adjustable Swivel Straps – Swivel Strap design allows quick repositioning of straps for easy adjustment to variations in lower leg shape and taper
  • Easy Snap-On Hose Connectors – Hose connectors attach easily to cuff ports, snapping securely into place. Hoses can be quickly disconnected when lock is released
  • Leak-Resistant Ports – O-ring hose connectors reduce leaks and accidental disconnection
  • Thinner Cuff Design – Cuffs are thinner, lighter weight and more pliable than most tourniquet cuffs for easy cuff application to the limb and less obstruction at the surgical site
  • Exclusive Security Anchors – Security anchors, at specific intervals along cuff edges allow even cuff inflation and maintain a flat surface against skin to help prevent cuff migration
  • Extra-Wide Cuff Design – Because these cuffs are 1.5 in. (4 cm) wider than other tourniquet cuffs, they cover a greater tissue area. Less pressure is required to achieve hemostasis and the risk of nerve injury is substantially reduced
  • Available in a dual-port configuration with positive locking connectors to be compatible with Zimmer A.T.S.® 3000 and A.T.S.® 2000 Automatic Tourniquet Systems
  • Available in a single-port configuration with positive locking connectors to be compatible with Delfi PTS Portable Tourniquet System, Zimmer A.T.S.® 750 and A.T.S.® 1200 Automatic Tourniquet Systems


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