Baxter 6201 Flo-Gard Infusion Pump

  • Completely Reconditioned with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Uses standard Baxter Clear-Link and Clear-Flo solution administration sets (sold separately)
  • Configurable settings allow the pump to be custom tailored to best suit the hospital’s needs
  • Dimensions: 8″ X 5.1″ X 11.4″
  • Weight: 11.6 lbs
  • Battery Life: 6 hours
  • Safety clamp automatically occludes the tubing when the pump door is opened
  • Occlusion sensors detect both upstream and downstream restrictions
  • Sensitivity of the downstream occlusion sensor is selectable through the pump’s configuration
  • Volume-Time programming automatically calculates flow rate
  • Easily replaceable fuse, battery, and power cord


Baxter 6201 Flo-Gard Single Channel IV pump is the ideal pump for any medical setting. The Baxter 6201 Flo-Gard volumetric infusion pump can deliver a wide variety of fluids over a broad range of infusion rates. The 6201 provides good value in a robust, single channel Infusion Pump package.

Includes power cord and pole clamp. This IV Pump is compatible with Baxter Clear-Link and Clear-Flo administration sets, sold separately.

Features include:

  • Computer Interface allows remote operation and monitoring
  • Selectable options for customized control of operation
  • Single Channel Volumetric I.V. Pump
  • Flow Check Occlusion Alarm-an in-line resistance display of incremental back pressure
  • Flow rate calculation¬†is automatic after volume and time are selected
  • Programmed delivery profiles
  • Incremental flow rate
  • Automatic restart once occlusion clears
  • Slide Clamp offers an additional step to protect against inadvertent gravity free flow
  • Front Panel Lock-out protects against tampering
  • Programmed Delivery Profile allows up to 10 steps, individualizing control of infusion ramping and tapering
  • Incremental FlowRate can deliver 1-99.9 mL/hr in increments of 0.1mL/hr
  • Automatic Restart once occlusion clears
  • Uses Baxter standard administration sets – eliminates the need for costly disposable sets and reduces potential for waste