Bair Hugger 750 / 775 Patient Warming Unit

  • Completely Reconditioned with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Power Cord and Air hose included
  • Small size frees up more usable work space, and light weight makes transport and set-up a breeze
  • Hose-end temperature sensing ensures accurate air temperature delivery
  • Three temperature sensors and increased airflow for quicker temperature response
  • Temperature settings track and report forced-air warming therapy duration
  • Over-temp, calibration, built-in hour meter, and fault code reporting via the front panel
  • Compatible with the 3M Bair Paws Gown and the 3M Bair Hugger 241 Blood/Fluid Warming Set


The 3M Bair Hugger 750 Normothermia Warming Unit has become the standard of care in forced-air Patient Warming. The 750 series warmers combine performance, precision, and usability- all in a single, compact unit. An integrated temperature sensing system at the end of the hose allows for accurate and reliable air temperature delivery. The Warmer also features three temperature settings, along with easy to read indicator lights. Providing clinical warmth to the patient before, during and after surgery, the Bair Hugger 750 series Patient Warmer increases your patients’ comfort, while providing an increased measure of safety.

The Bair Hugger normothermia system is a selection of patient warming products designed to monitor, prevent and treat unintended hypothermia in surgical patients. Since the launch of Bair Hugger therapy in 1987, we have worked to continuously cultivate our reputation as an industry expert and first-to-market innovator. Identifying and addressing unmet clinical needs has led to the broadest blanket portfolio in the industry and spurred the development of game-changing technologies. Now, these technologies are being integrated under one powerful brand—the 3M Bair Hugger normothermia system.

Hypothermia – a danger to your patients

Studies show that anesthetized patients can’t properly regulate their temperature. Research also shows that core body temperature drops rapidly following the induction of general anesthesia, increasing the risk for unintended hypothermia – an all-too common and costly complication associated with higher mortality rates, longer hospital stays and an increased rate of wound infection.

Forced-air warming is a simple, cost-effective method to prevent unintended hypothermia and its complications. The Bair Hugger 750 provides a safe and cost effective method to keep your patients safe and warm.