Alaris Medley 8110 Syringe Pump Module

  • Completely Reconditioned with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Part of Alaris Medley Point of Care System
  • Guardrails® Drug Library Compatible
  • Lightweight—only 4.5 lbs
  • Common user interface—same front panel keys as other modules
  • Front loading of syringes—syringe in full open unobstructed view vs. side loading
  • Easy to transport—handle strong enough to carry an entire Medley system w/ four modules attached
  • Plunger drive head protected—extended handle to protect plunger
  • Dimensions: 4.5″W x 15.0″H x 7.5″D
  • The instrument rate accuracy of the Syringe module is +/- 2% of full scale plunger travel
  • Rate Accuracy: ±2% of full scale plunger travel not including syringe variations


The Alaris Medley 8110 Syringe Pump Module (Model 8110) is intended for customers that utilize infusion pumps for the delivery of fluids, medications, blood, and blood products using continuous or intermittent delivery through clinically acceptable routes of administration; such as, intravenous (IV), intra-arterial (IA), subcutaneous, epidural, enteral, or irrigation of fluid spaces. The Alaris Medley Syringe Pump Module uses standard, single-use, disposable syringes (with luer-lock connectors) and administration sets, designed for use on syringe pumps.

The BD / Alaris Medley Point of Care System with Guardrails Suite MX software is a Modular smart IV medication safety system that can help protect every infusion to guard you and your patients from medication errors. The Alaris Medley Point of Care System combines a single point-of-care unit featuring Guardrails Suite MX safety software with IV / LVP, PCA Syringe, Syringe, respiratory monitoring (SpO2 and EtCO2), and barcoding capabilities.

The Alaris Medley 8110 Syringe module is part of a comprehensive IV medication safety system with a common user interface shared across multiple infusion modalities. The Alaris Syringe module further distinguishes itself through Guardrails™ software, accuracy and ease of use. In addition, a unique pressure sensing disc on dedicated administration sets provides accurate readings in near real-time, can help reduce startup delays due to mechanical slack, shortens the time to an occlusion alarm and helps prevent an inadvertent bolus after an occlusion.