Highest Quality Certified Pre-owned Medical Equipment —The Centurion Difference

Reduce costs for your hospital, facility, OR, or surgery center with reconditioned medical equipment.

Save thousands without sacrificing quality or visual aesthetics. As a leading supplier of certified pre-owned medical equipment, we have a seamless process for medical procurement professionals, massive inventory levels, and a balance of quality and pricing that can not be beaten.

Our certified pre-owned medical equipment products undergo an inspection, to like-new condition, and come with an extended warranty.

If you’re tasked with adding high-quality pre-owned medical equipment that you can trust but have a fixed budget, contact Centurion Direct today!

Find Certified Pre-owned and New Medical Equipment for Sale

Our process returns equipment to its original specifications, both functionally and cosmetically. In addition to saving you up to 70% purchasing certified pre-owned equipment, all new and certified pre-owned equipment comes with a full parts and labor warranty.

Centurion Direct carries over 150 new product lines!

Search our online catalog of available certified pre-owned and new medical equipment today.

Why Centurion Service Group?

  • More Savings. Better ROI: We purchase massive volumes of inventory from many sources and pass the savings on to you.
  • Quality for Less: Our certified pre-owned medical equipment meets or exceeds standards. Learn more about our inspection process.
  • Fine-tuned Logistics: We have 5 warehouses strategically placed in major logistical ports and a streamlined, time-tested delivery process.

Medical Equipment Procurement Resources:

Want us to do the searching for you?

Tell us what equipment you’re looking for and one of our Inventory Specialists will do the work for you.

No Sacrifice in Quality

Cheaper isn’t better when the quality does not meet your expectations. The equipment offered by Centurion Direct is reconditioned to the highest standards possible, often exceeding the original equipment manufacturer’s quality standards.

Extensive Selection

Save time and eliminate frustrating dead-end searches. The massive selection of quality equipment found at Centurion Direct will make us your one stop shop. Search our inventory online and/or request quotes.

Worry-Free Process

Medical equipment procurement can be a hassle. From purchase to delivery, our proven, time-tested process eliminates all your concerns.

Reconditioned Medical Equipment

Each piece of used medical equipment is reconditioned back to its original purchase quality. There’s no reason to pay excessive retail rates when the quality of the medical equipment is as good or better. Centurion Direct is your source to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Certified Pre-owned Medical Equipment

Centurion Direct purchases more pre-owned medical equipment and supplies than any other company. We provide massive volumes of used medical inventory and have a robust reconditioning process so you can take advantage of buying certified pre-owned medical equipment to reduce costs for your hospital, facility, OR, or surgery center. We offer the top medical equipment brands, restored to the highest quality. With Centurion Direct, there are no “settling” or tradeoffs in exchange for reducing your medical inventory costs.

Buy Like-New Medical Equipment Today

As your trusted medical equipment supplier, you can buy quality certified pre-owned equipment right now by visiting our online catalog or contacting one of our inventory specialists by phone at 708.761.6655.

Need to sell your used medical equipment?

We not only provide top-quality certified pre-owned medical equipment, but we can help you move, reallocate or liquidate your existing equipment. Contact our team for full-service medical equipment management today.