Over the years, Centurion Service Group has grown to become a leader in medical equipment auctions, with locations strategically placed throughout the country — Chicago, Dallas, South Florida, and Phoenix. Medical equipment buyers from around the world rely on Centurion auctions for all their used medical equipment purchasing needs. With over 10,000 pieces of used medical equipment being sold every month, Centurion auctions are the ideal, sole source for acquiring the wide range of needed medical equipment, and in the desired quantities.

Auctioneer's gavel and hammer on table

To accommodate the needs of medical equipment buyers, we hold two types of auctions: Live Auctions and Timed Auctions.

Centurion live medical equipment auctions: Our live auctions take place in the present, and all bids are made in real-time. Typically, you can participate in these auctions either online or on-site, unless specifically noted.

Centurion timed medical equipment auctions: Our timed auctions take place online over a defined period and close at the end of that time. Typically, timed medical equipment auctions last one week, unless otherwise noted.


Auction bidder and buyer resources

Whether you are a first time bidder or a long-time customer, the following resources will assist you during various steps of the medical equipment auction process. It is important to Centurion that everyone is well-informed and confident before participating in our auctions.

Auction terminology

“as-is where-is” – The item is sold in its present condition, with no return privileges.

“Lot” – Item(s) being auctioned. An auctioneer can announce one lot number or multiple lot numbers.

“So much a piece times the money” – The auctioneer is asking the winning bidder to choose how many of the medical equipment items they want to be multiplied by the winning bid amount.

“Option” – The winning bidder has the option of choosing how many of the items being sold they want. The items MUST be selected in numeric order.

“Group” – Multiple medical equipment lots are being sold for one price. The winning bidder will receive all items within the grouped lots.

“Pass” – If an item is up for auction and there are no bids or the bidding does not start at a number deemed acceptable by the medical equipment auctioneer, the item will be passed.

“Buyers Premium” – A fee that Centurion Service Group charges for conducting a medical equipment auction.

“Proxy Bid/Absentee Bid” – Allows a bidder to place a bid without being present for the live auction. A bidder will submit the maximum price that they are willing to pay for used medical equipment items and allows Centurion Service Group to bid on his/her behalf, up to the maximum bid amount. Centurion Service Group does not start bids at the maximum bid price.

Methods of bidding


To bid during our used medical equipment auctions, you must sign up online to create an account and then register for the auction of your choice. Online bidding can take place with live or timed medical equipment auctions. Please register as early as possible, as we cannot guarantee approval if you register the day of the auction.


To bid on-site, you will register on the day of the auction with our auction manager, in-person at the medical equipment auction location. Once your registration has been approved, a buyer number will be assigned to you, and you will then be ready to bid.

Proxy bid/absentee bid

If you cannot participate on-site or online, you can submit a maximum bid amount by submitting a proxy bid form via fax to 708-343-7100 or email to auctionservices@centurionservice. You can also place absentee bids directly on our website by viewing the online catalog for the auction of your choice. We act as your representative at the medical equipment auction and buy the lots/items as cheaply as competition permits. Click here to download the proxy bid form.

Payment information

  • Buyers have three full business days to pay after a medical equipment auction.
  • Payment must be submitted in full prior to the removal of won items.
  • Sales tax: Buyers are subjected to sales tax in the states in which the sale occurs unless the buyer provides a valid resale or tax registration certificate from a government entity. (Sales Tax, VAT, GST, TVA)
  • Additional fees: A Buyers Premium will be added to all invoices. Additionally, some invoices may be subjected to an online bidding fee and/or credit card fee.
  • Credit card authorization forms must be submitted to auctionservices@centurionservice for all balance due invoices that choose to pay by credit card
  • Business or personal checks are accepted and are to be made out to “Centurion Service Group.”

Shipping information

Centurion Service Group is not responsible for the packing, loading, removing and/or shipping of any items/lots purchased at a medical equipment  auction. This is solely the buyer’s responsibility. All buyers are required to fill out a pick-up authorization form in order for their medical equipment to be released to the shipper of their choice. Pick-up Authorization forms will be sent along with your invoice via email from auctionservices@centurionservice.

Please note: Centurion Service Group provides this list of shippers as a service to their buyers. We are not affiliated with any of the companies on the list nor do they receive any compensation from them.

Used medical equipment for sale

When looking where to buy used medical equipment, look no further than Centurion Medical Equipment auctions. We facilitate the sale of thousands of used medical equipment items to hospitals, facilities, surgery centers, physician groups and the general public.

Used medical equipment auction locations

We hold auctions in several major metropolitan areas supported by strong logistical hubs and ports to make shipping your medical equipment a seamless effort. View a list of our upcoming used medical equipment auctions in Chicago, Dallas, South Florida, and Phoenix.

Equipment from medical and hospital auctions

Wondering where our used medical equipment comes from? Many of the items we sell come from medical auctions and hospital auctions that have liquidated unused inventory or changed their core health service offerings. We then help medical buyers and bidders save on used medical equipment by administering the auction sale.