Covidien Force FX Electrosurgical Generator




• Instant Response™ technology ensures that the power delivered remains virtually constant, regardless of the tissue type

• Improved performance at lower power settings minimizes the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation

• Three internal microcontrollers reduce system reaction time and increase the system’s processing speed

• Spray coagulation voltage of no more than 9000 volts peak-to-peak output for broad, but superficial coagulation with limited capacitive coupling

• A Power Efficiency Rating (PER) of approximately 98 for accurate and consistent cut performance

• Three cut modes, all controlled by Instant Response™ technology, offer surgeons a variety of choices

• Four coag modes

• Three bipolar modes

• Versatile system that is uniquely compatible with other devices 

• Compatible with and used as the electrosurgical energy source for: Dyonics* Control RF arthroscopic ablation system, Dyonics* Electroblade™ rotary resection system, Cook Vascular Perfecta™ EDS pacemaker lead extraction system

• Compatible with, and the exclusive electrosurgical generator for: Computer Motion, Hermes™ Voice Command System


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