Giving Back to Our Community

Centurion Service Group was founded to help hospitals and manufacturers resell surplus and trade-in equipment. By effectively marketing and selling items by the auction method, Centurion has resold more than 1 million pieces of medical equipment since its inception.

Our effective methods and buyer support have led us to determine that it is now time to give back to the community and other charities in need of medical equipment or funding.

Medical equipment and screens

Helping You Support Those in Need

We founded Centurion Medical Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation, with the specific intent of donating matching dollars to charities of our seller’s choice.

Through our mission, we ask our sellers to determine the charities where they would like to see donations go. Instead of sending equipment that is not usable in a field hospital or developing nation where parts cannot be obtained easily, we sell the surplus assets for the hospital. We then will donate the proceeds to the charity of choice, and Centurion Service Group will match a percentage of the proceeds to go to the foundation and on to other charities.

We also allow charities to buy at our auctions with the foundation’s money to get the proper equipment they may need when setting up a hospital in a developing nation, or we use our corporate resources to help them purchase the goods they may need. 

View the charities we support. Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions about our foundation.